The Xenaverse
by Ardently

Xena be warm
Xena be fair.
Azure eyes
And ebony hair.

Fate is too cruel
And Life is too real
We live it in cyber
Oh boy! What a deal!

Xenaverse is music, a world build in time
It's carved out of space and run on a dime.
You've tasted how RL and Cyber exist
Xena is much too hard to resist!

The bitter and sweet of it
On the cyber lips that you've kissed.

Real Life and Cyber, pleasure and pain
To live and die
As lucid or insane!

The Net has a grip on you
It will play tricks on you.
It deals in troubles we'd much rather not face.
Getting bumped off icq
And even off irc, too
Now not even access to Merwolf's place!!

The Xenaverse is waiting, it'll show you the way
All the known consquences are in fanfiction
That's where all your wet dreams lay!