The Warrior, the Bard and the Fool

A bunch of the boys were whopping it up
in the Cock and Bull Saloon.
A centaur was sittin, his girlfriend a knittin
They were listenin to a Bard and her tune.

Back of the bar in a solo game
Sat Tall Dark and Dangerous Xe
Watching her bard tell stories by the yard
She knew the players all by name.

Ares, the sneak, sat jowl to cheek
With Discord and Dite and Herk
Where always its said, when you go to bed
Never wake up with a jerk!

When off to the left, totally bereft
of clothing of any kind
Dancing for you and me, the Gabys all three
Chased by Joxer, oh they're in a bind.

Xe sat with her cards, eyes looking like shards
At the foolishness of that man
Would he never see, he'd never have a copy
Of him they would never stand.

Before he could pounce, Xe never moving an ounce
Flung her breast dagger thru the air.
It caught the poor pup and hung him right up
For the centaur to grab by the hair.

'Now stop this right now, I don't want a row
Cause I'm sitting all nice with the Misses.'
Joxer managed to wriggle free, and chased after those three
And showered them with all his kisses.

For Xena he knew, loved Gabrielle more true
Than he'd ever get a chance in his life
So he'd have to make due, with copies one and two
While Xena made the original her wife.
It was all in vain, they drove Joxer insane
With their constant singing and such
Seeing them bare, without even a care
The temptation was just too much.
They buried him deep, without even a peep
They left his helmet, his armour and sword
And never was heard a discouraging word
Only a sniffle came out of Discord.

The game was over, Xe raked in her clover
She'd won it all fair and square
The bard finished up, they had them some sup
And headed right up the stair.

Now they travel this land, Xe and Gabs holdin hands
All smiling and perked up with love
The Amazons were true, the Centaurs too
Making life interesting when push came to shove.

They travel all Greece trying to settle the peace
Gabs making everybody her friend
But Xena sure knows, how that ill wind does blow
Any day they could meet their end.

So she holds on tight, loving Gabby all night
And sometimes right into the morn
Her sins like a bone, she tries to atone
Would it be better if she never were born?

The End