The Warlord and the Bard

In the known world, a power there swirled
And a Grecian god did smile.
He had trained this one, the son of a gun
To use her charm and guile.

She rose to the top, there was no one to stop
The Warrior Princess was Lord.
She united the land, but no one could stand
Her brutality Greece couldn't afford.

Her army did swarm, bring nothing but harm
To the innocent and guilty alike.
She gave them a choice and rolled em like dice
And stuck their heads up on a pike.

For saving a child, Xe was seen as being mild
It seemed that she had lost face.
Salmonius had pleaded, she should have well heeded
But didn't and so lost her place.

The Gauntlet was hard, she had let down her guard
And was betrayed by a dirty lout.
But Xena, its said, never gives up for dead;
You should never ever count her out.

When she buried her stuff, thinking it might be enough
Was the moment that Fate lent a hand.
For the Bard she well met, and their future was set
As partners they'd wander this land.

Xe mended her ways, and ended her days
As The Conqueror, Lord Xena, its true.
Gabs knew that she could, cast Ares out for good
And start her life over anew.

She rode her horse, with Gab as her source
By her side throughout her life.
Xe tried to be true, and with Gabby's help too
Did atone and win over strife.