Totally Addicted to You, Xe
by ArdentTly

Gabrielle, are ya listenin
Xena's lips you're a kissin
Tho you only murmurred
You hope that she heard
"I am totally addicted to you, Xe."

Take her hand, sit by the fire
You're consumed with your desire
You look in her eye
And for her you would die
"I am totally Addicted to you, Xe."

You loved her even tho she was 'Lord Xena'
And 'Destroyer of Nations' was her name
But for good she fights, now they call her 'Xena:
Warrior Princess' is her fame.

Come and sit while you conspire
To bring her passions so much higher
Ares will curse the day
When he heard you say,
"I'm hopelessly addicted to you, Xe."

Copyright by ArdentTly
December 1998