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Aphrodite was bored with a capital B. All the pies she'd had fingers in had been 'dee-lish', but they were all gone now. When the gods are bored they do one of two things: They mess with
the lives of mortals or visit Kronos' temporal window. 'Dite was about to do both. The temporal window was basically the telly of the gods, except it displayed random moving pictures of events in
time. The window was set in a huge archway, which one could walk all the way round. The archway was made of pure, rose-threaded marble, set with sparkling crystals around the edge. Even without the window it was quite a sight to behold. The pictures displayed had the look of being seen through water, rippling every now and then. The window was the pride and joy of Kronos, and all the gods indulged frequently.

When 'Dite took her peek, she was astonished to see two people, very familiar, yet they obviously weren't who she thought they were. 

In the scene displayed, Doctor Janis Covington and Melinda Pappas had just blown up Ares tomb, and were talking about the Xena scrolls (though the sound, as always, was quite distorted).

"Those babes must be the descendants of Xena and Gabrielle, but I didn't think the Gabster had a sprog yet." thought the lovebug. "Cool, this gives me such a bitchin' idea. And my bro' Ares is
onna have a hissy fit!"

Aphrodite was a bit perplexed as to how to make her beautiful plan come together (so to speak). At this she giggled secretly to herself. "Bingo! A little curse on a cave, and an imaginary monster for the boys, that should do the trick nicely."

"S H A Z A M !!"

Somewhere in Arcadia, a cave momentarily glowed brightly, as Aphrodite's spell settled into place. The grinning Goddess summoned her messenger as she left Kronos' grotto.
"Iris babe, I've got a mission for you," and, heads together, the two goddesses contrived a cunning plan.


Hercules and Iolaus were enjoying a rare week of peaceful fishing. And were becoming thoroughly hacked off. A week of not fighting  monsters or warlords, or even helping people do ordinary things, was just too much of a good thing. Iolaus had so much pent up energy that he was singing at the top of his voice, and trying to BEAT the fish out of the water with a pole. "Iolaus, cut it out." Herc was trying to be patient. After all he knew exactly how his best friend felt. They were both completely out of sorts.
"Sorry, Big Guy! I wish something exciting would happen. I'm just dying to get into a rip-roaring fight with someone."

Suddenly a young man came running up puffing and panting, and calling out,
"Hercules, Hercules, we need your help. There's a monster in a cave, in Arcadia, eating anyone who goes in there."
"So, don't go in there!" Iolaus quipped.
"But it's our only supply of fresh water and we need it. Please help us, I can show you the way!" The young man (in reality Iris in civvies, looking really cute), begged them.
"Yo, lets get ready to rumble! Come on Herc, you know we need the work out," shouted Iolaus joyfully, as he grabbed his shirt and sword.

Two days later, Hercules and Iolaus were cautiously entering a cave. Iolaus had his sword drawn and Hercules was ready to clobber anything that moved. They tiptoed quietly around the entire cave and found nothing.

"Oh, great, it's a wild quail chase." Iolaus was not pleased. "And I was really looking forward to whacking something!"

Suddenly, a large torch burst into flame, lighting up the centre of the cave, and a stone plaque.
"What is this? A temple of some sorts? One of Hera's evil little plots?" now Hercules wasn't amused.
"I don't think so Herc, no peacocks. And read that plaque. I get this feeling we're in big trouble now," the usually optimistic Iolaus was a little worried.
"Oh, Tartarus! It's Aphrodite, up to her perverted tricks. You know, sometimes I think she messes with mortals more than Hera - the little hussy!!"

After reading the inscription, Iolaus made a dash for the entrance, and slammed into an invisible wall.
"Oooh, that hurts," he moaned,"Well, I guess it's telling the truth. We're stuck here until someone ......" Iolaus broke off, embarrassed, and more than a little anxious.
"What are we going to do, Big G.. er.. Hercules?" he was bright red when he lamely finished his sentence.

They stood in the centre of the cave, re-reading the inscription, just to make sure they'd read it right the first time. But there was no mistaking it's meaning.
The inscription on the wall was not at all cryptic. In fact it wasn't even poetic. Just plain Greek.
It read:
"This cave has been cursed by Aphrodite. Bummer, eh? Any two mortals (or demi-gods!) entering the cave, can't blow this joint unless one of three things happen.

1) They die! (Then, of course, they can catch the next ferry for the underworld!)
2) They get laid with some one else (ie: two other people who enter the cave!)
OR (and here's the kicker!)
3) They get laid by each other.

So, worship the great Love Goddess and start making out, dudes!!!"

"Ever get the feeling that this is an incredibly RECENT curse," said Iolaus pointedly.


Aphrodite was in her own Elysium Fields. Her scheme was going to plan, and crabby old Ares was off in Persia somewhere, with another yucky war.

"Hi, Iris, nice job," 'Dite was as pleased as punch as she spotted the messenger goddess entering Olympus. Iris shimmered all the colours of the rainbow as she changed back to her original form.
"Cool light show 'Ris, but you need another disguise, to lure Xena and the Gabster to the 'lurve' cave".



Joxer came stumbling over his own feet and almost fell at Xena's.
"Hi, girls!" His heedless, reckless AND suicidal greeting immediately got on Gabrielle's nerves.
"What's the rush, Joxer?" For once Xena was in a mellow mood. She'd just won an argument with Gabrielle, and had bagged a fine stag, which would last them a good week. And make a change from fish!
Gabrielle was always complaining that they ate too much fish.
"I've got a message from Hercules and Iolaus. They're in big trouble and need your help." It never occurred to Joxer that the two men hadn't asked him for help.
"What kind of trouble?" queried Gabrielle, her grumpiness fading into the background.
"Oh, they've got trapped in a cave by a curse, and, well, then they said it was kinda personal, and to find you guys right away." Joxer gulped for air as he finished. "I was told to show you where they are. And then to scram! Huh, some people have all the fun and don't like to share. I think it's mean!"

Xena and Gabrielle were ready to go in under half an hour and reached the cave in a day (as they had been closer than the boys). Though by this time, Joxer had completely dispelled Xena's mellow mood with his inane prattle. (If Iris had only known how close to decapitation she'd been, she wouldn't have made Joxer so realistic!) But as it was, both Gabrielle and Xena breathed a huge sigh of relief when the bungling warrior-wannabe disappeared and left them to discover the danger for themselves.

The two women approched the the cave. Xena, circling to the left with her sword drawn, and Gabrielle, to the right, her staff at the ready. Before Xena could stop her, Gabrielle shouted "Herc, Iolaus, where are you?"
Despite Xena's expectation of an ambush (she doesn't trust people easily, you know!) all they heard was a plaintive cry from inside the cave.
"Gabrielle? Xena? Boy, are we glad you're here. We're in the cave, but you mustn't come in 'til we explain our situation." There was a long pause. So far Herc was being very cagey.
"Are you in any physical danger?" Xena called out worriedly.
"So, you're not being held captive by a warlord or anything?" Xena began to sound puzzled and slightly annoyed.
"Well, are you going to tell us or must we guess?" an impatient Xena enquired.
"Er.....guess?" was the hopeful reply.
"Oh for Gaia's sake, just tell us." Gabrielle sighed.
"Um,'s, er....kinda embarrassing!" Iolaus' disembodied voice sounded uncomfortable.
"Oh come on, man. I'm not easily shocked" Xena's patience was not good at the best of times, and this was NOT the best of times.
"No, but Gabrielle might be. Oh, you tell them Herc."
"No, you tell them, you're much better with words than I am."
"Oh Herc, come on, you're the demi-god!!"
"NO, NO. YOU TELL THEM. RIGHT NOW!" The desperation in Hercules' voice made it sound at least an octave higher than usual.
"OK, ok, cool it, Big G.. er Herc." Iolaus paused as he took a deep breath and then rushed through the explanation at breakneck speed.
"We got trapped in this cave by a curse and there are only three ways out One to die Two to make love with another person and Three to make love with each other if we don't we're trapped in here forever and we've tried everything else to escape and we're so glad you two are here cause we trust you and know you're going to find a way to get us out thanks!"

Xena and Gabrielle heard a great sigh of relief from inside the cave. They looked at each other in disbelief at what they'd just been told.

Then Gabrielle spoke, "Any idea who put the curse on the cave and why, and has Herc tried asking the particular god?"
This time Hercules had gotten over his panic attack, and found the courage to speak.
"This is Aphrodite's doing. No, I don't know why and yes, I've tried calling her down from Olympus to explain, but she isn't answering. I'm really stumped this time and we would really appreciate your help in any way you can!"
"Guys, Gab and I have to talk about this. Do you need anything, food and water etc..?"
"Yes, we do. Thanks." Gabrielle pushed a bag of food and a waterskin, into the cave, with her staff. The provisions passed through the invisible barrier as though it wasn't there.


"Xena, are they asking us to do what I think they're asking us to do?"
Gabrielle looked very nervous and shocked.
"Yep, and if I didn't know better I'd think they'd done this deliberately!"
Xena was trying very hard to sound unamused, but Gabrielle could hear the anticipation in her voice.
"You're actually looking forward to this, aren't you? How long has it been since you had sex, huh?"
"Hey, that's a very personal question...Actually, way too long," Xena grudgingly admitted, then added defensively "And so what if I want to? Herc's a good lover," Xena sounded annoyed, but then whispered "So's Iolaus, come to think of it!!" she grinned.
"Xena, I really don't think I could do it. I mean I like Iolaus a lot, but ...... oh I don't know. I guess I've discovered I'm not in love with him."
"I understand, Gabrielle. But unless we can think of another way to rescue them, it's the only chance they've got."
"What about that part about them making love to each other?"
"Gabrielle, can you really see them doing that, huh? They love each other for sure, but only as friends. And besides, some guys seem to have a real aversion to that sort of thing even, if it is to save their own lives."
"Well, I think it's a bit much, expecting us to help them, when they won't even help themselves!" Gabrielle huffed and gave Xena a cross look.
"Gabby," Xena whispered softly, "You don't have to do it, if you don't want to."
Gabrielle was quiet for a long time. She watched the sun start it's homeward journey and then turned back to Xena.

"I'll do it." she said gently, "Because I love them and I could never turn my back on Iolaus. And anyway," she added, "it's been way too long for me too!!" Xena couldn't remember the last time she'd seen Gabrielle smirk like that.


Hercules was wandering around the cave, trying to find another way out, when Iolaus heard the footsteps outside.
"They're coming back," he said breathlessly.
"Hey guys, it's us. Gab and I have talked this over. Have you considered option three?" Xena could almost imagine the look of horror on the men's faces.
"Um.... yes and although that love is just as valid as any other, we'd really rather not, as we don't love each other that way." As ever Hercules was diplomatic and P.C.

"Huh, that's what we figured. You just don't want to help yourselves, do you?" Gabrielle's scathing comment was so uncharacteristic that Iolaus was hurt.
"It's not that at all, Gabrielle, we just can't bring ourselves to do it. We have talked about it a lot while we've been in here, and we just can't." There was a short pause before the small voice sounded again. "If you don't want to, Gabrielle, I DO understand. Honest. I wouldn't want you to do this against your will."

"Hey, who said I'd be doing it with you anyway! I think Herc's body's much more my taste." Gabrielle was indignant at the assumption, but was getting more turned on by the whole idea. She didn't really want Hercules but she wasn't going to let Iolaus know that.
There came back a rather deflated "Oh".

"Alright, everybody calm down. Gabrielle and I have both agreed to do this for you, because you are our friends and we can't figure another way out. OK? OK, we're coming in."

Gabrielle and Xena entered the cave with great trepidation. Xena lugged their bedrolls over one shoulder and a bag of essentials, over the other. Gabrielle carried a couple of waterskins. She really hoped the cave wouldn't be cold.


Iolaus looked shyly at Gabrielle. "I didn't mean to assume," he said, "I'm sorry."
"No, I'm sorry," Gabrielle was already 'warming' to him. "I didn't mean what I said. I prefer you, honest."
Iolaus drew her close and gently kissed her, "Thank you."
"I HOPE it's going to be MY pleasure!" giggled Gabrielle as she slipped her hand into Iolaus' shirt. A shocked Iolaus could only gasp with delight as her fingers brushed his nipples.

Over on the other side of the cave, Hercules was oddly bashful.
"I don't know why I'm so nervous. It's not like we've never done this before." he muttered.
Herc was all eyes as he watched the tanned warrior strip off her leathers. She stood before him in only her shift.
"Your turn." she purred.
Before Herc could respond, a small moan from across the cave caught their attention. Xena snuck a quick look and saw Gabrielle, her head back, eyes closed, with Iolaus' mouth on one of her breasts. An irrational spark of jealousy surged through Xena, quashed suddenly by a powerful need of her own. Without waiting for Herc, she grabbed him roughly and shoved him on his back, pulling his trousers down at the same time. (You know Xena has many skills !!!!)

Gabrielle's senses were whirling at the rediscovered sensations. Oh, how she'd missed them. She could produce a few for herself, but it just wasn't the same. An image popped into her head, as Iolaus continued exploring her with his mouth. The image was very similar to the scene happening now, but with a minor adjustment. Instead of Iolaus exploring her body, the person had metamorphosed into Xena.
Gabrielle's eyes flew open in shock, and Iolaus paused his journey.
"You OK?" he mumbled.
"Y..yes, just fine, please don't stop." was all Gabrielle could manage as her brain assimilated the information her subconscious had just dumped into her metaphorical lap.

Iolaus himself was getting highly aroused and it was all he could do not to beg Gabrielle to let him enter her there and then. She shifted her position slightly and caressed his hair gently, as his fingers joined his mouth in their exploration.

Xena heard Gabrielle cry out, as Iolaus' attentions increased her arousal. Her own sensations were being stimulated quite expertly, but all she could think about was Gabrielle, and how the bard's moans were affecting her.

Hercules and Xena were quite in sync as they already knew each other intimately. Their love making was pleasurable for them both. However they were both thinking of other people. Herc was alternately thinking of Deianara and Serena. And discovering that he could quite happily have sex with another woman, without feeling guilty, as long as he thought of one or other of his late wives. (Although both at the same time was a very 'interesting', if kinky idea!!).
Xena, much to her surprise, desperately wanted Gabrielle and it was as simple as that.

Iolaus couldn't stand it any more and he finally softly begged Gabrielle to let him enter her. She nodded, as she couldn't trust her voice. *Oh, gods!* Hearing Xena gasp with pleasure, as Hercules thrust into her, was driving Gabrielle crazy.

Three of the four people making love in the cave were thinking of someone other than the person they were enjoying. Iolaus, on the other hand, was just a simple, woman-loving guy who enjoyed each and every one separately. He was adoring making love to Gabrielle.
The firm abs, the tanned arms and legs, and those wonderfully full breasts. Oh yes, Iolaus most definitely appreciated the female form. He worshipped them, and would consider himself a happy man if he could die making love.

Soon the cave echoed with the ecstatic cries of climaxing lovers, followed by the heavy breathing and moans of aftershocks.  

As her breathing returned to normal, Gabrielle snuggled up against Iolaus' chest.
"Wow!"she sighed, "That WAS my pleasure. Thanks Iolaus."
"You're VERY welcome,"he smiled.
*Xena had been right, Iolaus was a good lover.* Gabrielle mused to herself *I never thought it could be better than Perdicas. I wonder if Xena had as good a time as I had?* Gabrielle's thoughts were wandering.
*Though by the sounds of it she did. The moans she was making were incredible. As she got closer, I could feel myself following each little moan, bringing me closer to my own climax.* Gabrielle could almost feel Xena's breath on her shoulder. *Gods, what am I thinking?!*
She was as shocked at these thoughts as she had been at the image that had popped into her head when Iolaus had been kissing her.


An hour later, the torch in the centre of the cave was burning low, and throwing flickering shadows on the walls. The four friends sat and ate a silent meal.
"I suppose we should try to leave," Iolaus said finally.
Hercules started packing the bags and folding the bed rolls. Iolaus poured some water out into a bowl and asked Gabrielle to sit down next to him. He then did something quite unexpected. He washed Gabrielle's feet and gently massaged them.
Hercules beckoned Xena, and did the same for her.
"What was that for?" Xena was at a loss.
"For helping us when we were in dire straits. And in the most intimate way." The men were so sincere that Gabrielle hugged them and Xena followed suit.
"Although, we still don't know if this worked yet," Xena smiled wryly.

"Well come on, let's find out," Iolaus was very eager to breathe some fresh air.
Herc and Iolaus strolled out of the cave.
"Yes! Yes.... we're free!" cried Iolaus as he turned around to address Xena and Gabrielle.
"Thank you so mu...."Hercules gratitude was cut short as their two rescuers seemed to come to an abrupt and painful halt, just inside the cave.
"Ouch." grimaced Gabrielle as she hit her head on the invisible barrier.
"I don't believe it! Now WE'RE cursed. Great, just great. NOW what?" Xena's temper started to unravel.
"Simple, we'll just help you like you helped us!" Iolaus suggested, but as he tried to get back into the cave, a blinding flash threw him backwards. "I guess not!" he said rubbing his backside as he got to his feet.

"Now let's all stay calm." Hercules said.
"That's easy for you to say, you're not stuck in this cave anymore." Xena's voice had gone from anger to disbelief.
"We will find a solution, Xena, but you'll have to be patient."
Herc was maddeningly calm.
"Herc's right. We'll rescue you, after all that's what we're good at!" Iolaus tried bravado.
"And how do you propose to do THAT? If we couldn't think of any other way to rescue you, what makes you think you can?" Gabrielle didn't have as much faith in Hercules and Iolaus, as in Xena.
"We need to find two other people to help you out, like you helped us." Hercules' simplistic attitude was more than Gabrielle could take.
"You do realise," she said as though she were talking to a child," that anyone else who enters the cave will be cursed also, and so start the whole ridiculous cycle again!"
"Yes, I do. I've got an idea." Hercules said with hope, "But we need to go and find my cousin Hermaphroditos and his partner."
"How's he going to help?" queried Xena, confused.
"Oh Xena, don't you know the story of Hermaphroditos and the nymph Salmakis?" Gabrielle couldn't believe her friend hadn't heard about this one.
"No!" Xena gave Gabrielle one of her patented "I'm not the Oracle of Delphi" looks.
"Well, Hermaphroditos was a handsome young man, son of Aphrodite and Hermes. A water nymph called Salmakis fell head over fins in love with him and never wanted to be seperated from him. One day, when Hermaphroditos was swimming in her pool, she merged with him physically and that produced a being with both male and female features. It's a lovely story, don't you think?"
Gabrielle shook herself out of bardic mode.
"Yeah, but how's that going to help us?" Xena didn't understand.
"Well, I figure, that if he and his partner 'help' you guys, then they can 'help' themselves!" Hercules finished his somewhat convoluted explanation.
"Huh?" the disbelief was evident in both women's voices.

"Oh heck, never mind. Listen girls, don't worry. We'll find someone else to rescue you. Just stay put! Not that you've got a lot of choice!! You've got the food, water and bed rolls. We'll be back soon." The words faded into the background as Herc and Iolaus' running footsteps grew more distant.

"I can't believe they just left us." said Gabrielle. "After all we've done for them!"
"Now Gabrielle, don't panic. They've gone to put Herc's idea into action, OK?"
"Yes, but I'm not sure that it's going to work. And even if it does, what happens if they can't find Hermaphroditos, or he won't help us? What will we do?" Gabrielle said tiredly.
"Well, we'll have to think of something else. But first I think we should get some rest, it's been a long and strange day." Xena was as practical as ever.


The cave was getting very cold as dusk became night, and Xena pushed the bed rolls together for warmth.
"Xena?" a small voice issued from Gabrielle's bedroll.
"Xena, I can't go through that again, especially with a stranger."
"Yeah, I know what you mean." Xena heard the start of panic in her friends voice. It made Gabrielle sound like a small, frightened girl.
"I mean, it was OK with Iolaus, cause I knew he would be sweet and gentle and kind. But with someone else.......Oh, Xena, I can't do it. What are we going to do?" Gabrielle ended with a little sob.
Xena collected the small woman in her arms and held her tight. She desperately wanted to comfort her friend, to tell her everything was going to be alright, but for once Xena didn't have a clue how they were going to get out of this mess.
"I guess there's always option one," she dryly chuckled.
"Hey, I'm not ready for that, yet. However...." Gabrielle gulped and screwed up her courage to carry on. "There's still option three to think about," she whispered. At first she didn't think that Xena had heard her. There was silence in the cave, all expect for the sound of their breathing.

Then Xena spoke, slowly and cautiously,
"Are you sure you want to try that, Gabrielle?" Xena held her breath, waiting for the rejection she was sure would come.
"Yes, I'm sure." whispered Gabrielle as she tilted her head up and gently kissed Xena on the lips. She wasn't quite sure where she'd got the courage from.
Xena wasn't prepared for the electricity than shocked through her the moment those soft lips met her own. It's was as though she'd been travelling on foot, when all along she could fly!

Xena gently pulled back from the kiss with a moan that betrayed the longing she felt. *wow, that was amazing!* she thought.
"W..w..was that OK, Xena?" Gabrielle asked tentatively. Xena's moan had seemed to indicate that it was, but she was still uncertain whether she had gone too far with her warrior friend.
Xena responded by reclaiming Gabrielle's lips passionately.
"I guess so!" The bard gasped breathlessly a minute later, when their lips regretfully broke contact. "Maybe we should have done this a long time ago." murmured Gabrielle contentedly, as she lay her head against the curve of Xena's shoulder.

Gabrielle's hands slid up to the buckles of Xena's armour.
"Has anyone ever told you that armour is really difficult to remove quickly," she muttered as she fumbled with the clasps. Xena's hands covered Gabrielle's as she swiftly undid the clasps, and started to unlace her leathers.
"Aaawww," grumbled Gabrielle, "I wanted to do that!"
The leathers were also quickly stripped away, as was the shift.
"Gabrielle. Gabrielle! You're staring. It's rude!" Xena's chuckled comment shook Gabrielle out of her daze. She blushed and then gazed up into the azure eyes of her soon-to-be lover.
"I'm sorry, it's just... I've never... really looked at you....." Gabrielle stammered "By the gods, you are so beautiful. All I want to do is kiss every delicious inch of you," the longing in her voice aroused Xena so much that all she could gasp was,
"Oh yes, please."

Xena squirmed under Gabrielle's ministrations. She could hardly bear to lie back and let her lover take the lead. Yet that was what Gabrielle most desired, and, to be honest, it was sweet torture.
"Keep still, you wriggler!" Gabrielle took her tender lips from Xena's skin.
"Oh, oh Gabrielle, don't stop. Oh gods, I need you, please!"
This was a position that Xena wasn't used to: begging a lover to ravish her. Usually it was the other way around. However, this situation unexpectedly excited Xena.
Gabrielle thrilled to hear her macho warrior plead. Her lips continued down Xena's abdomen, making those gorgeous muscles contract and twitch, until they came to the small triangle of dark hair that concealed her yearning centre.
But Gabrielle wasn't ready to ease her lover's suffering yet. It was payback time for all the teasing she'd had to endure.
The gentle lips eased their way down the inside of one of Xena's thighs. A tiny convulsion rippled through her body, and she involuntarily lifted her hips. Xena's musky scent enveloped Gabrielle's senses, which escalated the speed of her kisses.
Suddenly, Gabrielle pushed herself all the way up to Xena's mouth and kissed her with such passion it startled them both.
Xena couldn't take it anymore. She rolled Gabrielle over, stripped her expertly, straddled her hips, and began to taste the sweet skin of her bard for the first time. Nipping and biting on her most sensitive spots, Xena wasn't nearly as self-controlled as Gabrielle. Although after she'd worked her way down that desirable body, she hesitated at the red-gold ruffle of hair between her firmly muscled thighs. Sensing Xena's hesitation, Gabrielle opened her legs to invite her beloved in. She didn't need to be summoned twice.
The breathless gasps echoed around the cave, as Gabrielle began to reach her climax. Her last coherent thought was *Oh gods, and I thought Iolaus was good*, then there was only sensation.


"HEY, Arty, where are you, you big jock?" Aphrodite's yell echoed through the halls of Mount Olympus. "Come on sweetpea, or you'll be sorrrrryyyy!!"

Artemis was hunting. She had just stalked a boar, following it's trail over many miles, when 'Dite's divine call shook the forest, and her prey escaped the bow that day.

"Oh, hi, Arty, there you are!" 'Dite grinned as the fuming goddess of the hunt materialised on Mount Olympus.
"THIS had better be good 'Dite, or I'll, I'll....." Artemis' fury waned as the voluptuous goddess of love registered on her vision.
'Dite stood there, pouting, with her hands on her hips.
"Come on doll, I've got something to show you that you're gonna adore!"
The love babe snapped her fingers and they disappeared.

Artemis shivered in the cold of the cave, as the two goddesses hovered high above the floor. She suddenly remembered she had no reason to be cold. After all, she was a goddess. At that thought, she warmed up.

Artemis glanced at the scene below. Two naked women were snuggled in a bedroll, their hands deftly exploring each other's body.
"Hey 'Dite, that's my Queen. Glad to see she's keeping the Amazon traditions alive!"
"I know, cool isn't it? I've been trying to get those two together for a couple of years, but boy are they stupid. Had to zap a curse on this cave. Hope you don't mind, Arty, but the bard and the warrior babe are one of my most bodacious couples, and they just scream permanent partners."
'Dite, getting all hot and bothered at the sight of the lovers, started to nibble Artemis' ear, then placed hot kissed all over her neck.
The scene below was getting Artemis steamed, too. She, oh-so casually, untied the lacing on Aphrodite's skimpy bodice, then let it fall, to reveal the most beautifully full breasts in all creation. It still amazed Artemis that Aphrodite had chosen HER to be her lover.
And she silently thanked the goddess, as she took one of the pillowy mounds into her mouth. It felt like silk.
"Oh Me, I knew this was a real bitchin idea!" moaned 'Dite.

The goddess' cries mingled with the cries of the mortals below, to create a chorus of climaxes.

Xena giggled as Gabrielle found a ticklish spot with her tongue.
Gabrielle couldn't remember hearing Xena giggle before, but it was so cute!
Suddenly, Gabrielle found herself on her back again, hands held over her head, and Xena's lips embracing her own passionately.
"Xena, let me be on top, please!" the little bard panted, as she kissed the tip of her paramour's nose.
"Anything, my love!" Xena rolled on to her back taking Gabrielle with her.
The younger woman ran her hands slowly over the warrior's body, taking in all the landmarks. Her fingers gently touched her scars, breasts and belly, then combed the dark thatch of curls below.
Gabrielle raked her nails over Xena's tender inner thighs. Starting at her knees and stopping just short of where Xena desperately needed to be touched.
"Oh, only the gods knew you could be so cruel, Gabrielle!" Xena was almost ready to cry with need.
Xena's eyes, which had been closed during her torment, flew open, as her beloved's fingers plunged into her warm, liquid centre. Xena cried out. Despited the smallness of her lovers hand, she felt completely filled.
Xena was aware of her climax rushing towards its conclusion. When it finally peaked, it was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. This was due, she was sure, to the fact that it was Gabrielle - her Gabrielle - touching her, loving her, making love to her. She had longed for this moment, and it was finally coming true.
Her senses reeled with that realisation. A tear escaped her tightly closed eyes, as the love she felt for her bard threatened to overwhelm her.
Gabrielle saw this. Tentatively, she reached up and touched Xena's cheek.
"W..was it OK?" *Damn, that's the second time I've asked her that.* she mentally kicked herself.
Xena opened her eyes and viewed her lovers anxious expression.
"Oh Gabrielle, that was more than OK. That was the most precious moment of my life." She gathered her lover into her arms and squeezed her as hard as she could. "I love you so much."
Gabrielle watched in disbelief as the tears coursed down Xena's cheeks. She tenderly wiped them away and whispered.
"I love you with all my heart, my gentle warrior."


"You know, we really should see if we can get out of here, now!"
Gabrielle mumbled contentedly into Xena's chest. They'd remained, snuggled together under the blankets, for serveral hours, lazily caressing each other.
"No way, I'm enjoying this far to much!" sighed Xena.
"I am too, darling, but I'd rather be outside when Herc and Iolaus come back. Anyway, by the light coming into the cave, it looks like dawn's not far off." Gabrielle was FORCING herself to be strong, because Xena's hands had not stopped their exploration.
"Aaaawww, please Gabrielle, just a bit longer. Oh, and can't you call me something other than 'darling'?" Xena lamented.
"Why not 'darling'? I like it." Gabrielle was as curious as ever.
Xena sighed.
"Petracles used to call me that, and I've never really liked it." Xena smiled mischieviously, seductively kissing her lover's firm abs.
"Ooohh! STOP IT!! Come on Xena. After all, now we know HOW we love each other, there's nothing stopping us doing this any time we like, is there?
Xena's eyes lit up at this.
"How about 'sweetheart' then?" Gabrielle changed the subject before she could be tempted again.
Xena finally relented and got up off of her 'sweetheart'.
"Yeah, I like that! OK, let's get dressed and packed." she tenderly kissed her beloved as she handed her her skirt.


A mile or so from the cave, four men were almost running along the path.
"Come on you guys, let's hustle, huh?" Iolaus was in a hurrry. "Only the gods know what hazards the girls might be facing."
"Iolaus, calm down, will ya. Nothing happened to us in that cave and we were in there for two days, not just a single night."
"Yeah, yeah, you're right, Herc. It's just I'd like to get them out of there as quick as possible. I mean, they didn't HAVE to help us, but they did and - "
"Iolaus, shut up, you're rambling!" Hercules interupted him.

"So, you're absolutely sure about what we have to do when we get there, eh? And Xena and Gabrielle agreed to this? And this isn't a joke, right?" Salmoneus was very nervous. It's not that he found Xena or Gabrielle unattractive, he just wanted to keep his head on his shoulders.
"Yep!" Iolaus was trying not to think about it. Although he wasn't in love with Gabrielle (not any more), he loved her devotedly and protectively. He knew he shouldn't, just cause he'd had sex with her, but he couldn't help it.
"I wonder where, in Hades' name, Hermaphroditos is?" mused Hercules.
"I was sure the river god, Alpheus, or Zephyrus, would know. Even Cupid didn't know, and he's his brother!" Hercules was mystified.
"Yeah, he didn't even know where his own mother was, or so he said!" Iolaus was sceptical.
"Isn't Zephyrus the god of the west wind?" Joxer inquired.
Hercules nodded.
"Well, why or how would he know where this guy was?"
Herc explained that Zephyrus was a good friend of Hermaphroditos, and because he covered a lot of teritory on his daily flight, he might have had some idea where he was.
Salmoneus, walking beside them, was in deep thought. He may be a 'do anything for a dinar' kind of a guy, but when it came to the important matters, he did try to think them out.
"Er, guys? I don't get it. Even if Xena and Gabrielle DO let us 'help' them and don't kill us for the suggestion, what's gonna stop US from getting cursed? I mean, you two went into the cave and got cursed. Xena and Gabrielle 'helped' you and you got out, but then they got cursed. So if we 'help' them, I figure we're gonna get cursed too!"
Joxer started looking even more nervous than before, if that was at all possible.
"He's right, you know. He's right!" he squeeked.
"Maybe so, but we figured, when we saw you in Megalopolis, that you two would at least WANT to try to help your friends." Iolaus was exasperated at their lack of bravery. *Still* he thought, *they're not warriors, so let's be forgiving.*
"By the way, Joxer. Xena said you brought them the message that we were stuck in that cave, then ran off. Want to comment?" Now it was Herc's turn to be annoyed.
"B..but, I don't understand," stammered Joxer, seeing the unpleasant gleam in the demi-god's eyes, "I never heard of this cave, 'til you met us in Megalopolis, honest!" his sincerity was palpable.
"OK, ok, don't get het up. We kinda figured that. Herc thinks it was one of the messenger gods impersonating you." Iolaus was being kinder.
"Hey, I resent that. I'm me, and nobody else can be me!" Joxer was indignant.
*Thank the gods for that!* thought Iolaus.


Back at the cave, a cautious foot poked it's way into the fresh dawn air. It was followed by a leg and then the entire Gabrielle.
"Yee Haa!!" she yelled at the morning sun, "We're free!" Then she ran to find a bush with decent sized leaves.
"Gabrielle!" the muffled yell came from inside the cave, then Xena walked out carrying their belongings. "I thought I told you to wait for me before you tried getting out!" Xena was half serious.
"I'm sorry, I just had to get some fresh air. And anyway, I really needed to 'go'. You know! I was careful, honest!" Gabrielle grinned and kissed her warrior's shoulder.

Apollo was rising fast in the sky by the time the four men reached the cave. And it was a sight to behold.
The cave mouth was criss-crossed with branches and pieces of wood, and covering that were signs painted on parchment.
"Beware! A Curse!" "Keep out! Nasty curse on this cave!" "Please don't be stupid, and don't say we didn't warn you!" were three of the signs. Gabrielle had gone through a whole month's worth of parchment, writing the notices.
A short distance from the cave was a stream and, by the stream, a camp had been set up.
Xena was knee deep in the water, fishing, and Gabrielle was scribbling down this latest adventure (on her last scroll) before she forgot the details. *Not that I'll forget any of last night* she grinned at the thought.

The snap of a twig alerted Gabrielle to the four men's presence.
"Oh, hi guys. Hey, Salmoneus, Joxer, what are you doing here?" the bard nonchalently waved them over. "Come and eat. Yo, Xena, four more for breakfast!"
Xena looked up from her fishing and beamed at the company just arriving.
"Fish okay for you guys?" she called.
They nodded their assent.
"How in Tartarus did they escape the curse." whispered Hercules to his companions.
"Oh boy." the answer had suddenly dawned on Iolaus, just as it did to Hercules.
"Option Three!" they both exclaimed.
"Huh?" both Joxer and Salmoneus didn't understand.
With a questioning look at Hercules, Iolaus explained.
All four men found their heart beats racing, their temperatures rising, and their faces bright red, at the thought of Xena and Gabrielle choosing option three.
Although Hercules and Iolaus had been whispering, Xena had heard them, and was grinning from ear to ear. As the men approched, she sloshed out of the water, with a string of fish, and planted a large acker on Gabrielle's unresisting lips. Gabrielle blushed furiously and looked flustered.
"XENA! Not in public!" Gabrielle squeeked, then she caught the gleam in Xena's eyes and broke into a huge grin. It was infectious.
Gabrille playfully slapped Xena's thigh. They both laughed out loud; such a joyful sound that even the men smiled.

"As you can see, we managed to get out by ourselves. But thanks for trying to help us." smiled Gabrielle.
"Well, you've finally discovered something about yourselves, that most of us knew all along." Hercules smiled indulgently at the lovers.
"You mean, you guys guessed we loved each other like this and never said anything to us?" Xena was astounded at this information.
"Well, we didn't think you appreciated interference in your private life, Xena." said Iolaus.
"OK everybody, this is all very fascinating. But we know now, and that's all that matters. So let's eat! I'm starving!!"
As ever Gabrielle had the last word.


"Oh 'Dite, that was really beautiful!" Artemis sighed with delight at the passionate love making they'd just had. And witnessed. "You really are good at your job. Among other things!" she smirked.
Aphrodite was feeling the buzz of a job well done, AND some of the best sex she'd had in a long time.
"Arty babe, I'm real sorry to have ruined your hunting, but dontcha think it was worth it!!"
"Oh yeah, I can go hunting anytime. THIS was special."
As Artemis watched the camp scene, two tiny flashes of light emanated from Xena and Gabrielle.
*Well, I guess I'll be visiting those two in nine months time* she grinned to herself.

The end.....or maybe the beginning?!!!

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