Somewhere In Time
by ArdentTly

Xena stood all covered with blood
And looked around in fear.
She'd have to do whatever she could
To bring her beloved near.

Her eyes were wild, her clothes were gone
No weapons at her side.
She craved to be where she belonged,
That Gab had never died.

And then she heard a voice so clear
It called out to her heart.
Xe could sense her beloved near;
Soon they would never part.

Reaching out with fear and need
She stumbled and she fell.
Someone reached out; a friend indeed
And saved her from that hell.

Nestled close she kissed the skin
So softly at the nape.
It stirred a joy so deep within
She planned for their escape.

She knew their Fate, their Destiny
And all her fears allayed.
In Gabs arms she was meant to be
And to Artemis she prayed.

In a blinding light, the wrong made right;
The Goddess brought them home.
Their love embraced in blinding light
No further would they roam.