Nights Filled With Xena
by ArdentTly

Twas the night before Xenamas and there wasn't a sound.
No one but Xenites were sitting around.
We all clinked our glasses and drank to good cheer
For we all knew that Xena'd be here
We sat by the tv all tended with care,
The room was all quiet, not a peep would one dare!
The commercial was over, the song it began.
Nobody cared it was the Quest ep again.
Just watching our Xena handle Gabs with such care
Made for some dampness on more than one chair
And as she bent down and bestowed that great 'kiss'
We Xenites just knew, it didn't get much better than this.
And as the ep ended there was such a roar
We ran to the front and swung open the door!
And who did we gander upon her great steed?
Twas the Warrior Princess; she'd arrived with great speed.
As she jumped down from Argo, her feet on the ground
She saw nothing but open mouths all around
We stared at her beauty, her physique and her smile
And then rallied around saying 'Stay for awhile!'
She sat and regaled us, making each of us feel
Twas her love she bestowed us from blue eyes of steel.
Then up she stood and strode to the door
She blew each a kiss while we sat on the floor
'This season will be rocky so you'd better hold tight.
Merry Xenamas to all, and to all a Xena night!'

Copyright by ArdentTly
December, 1998