I Dream of Xena
by ArdentTly

Twas the night before Christmas I had withdrawl pain
Another rerun was on, I was going insane.
Visions of LL dressed up just like this (RS, pick one!)
Was helping my libido to reach certain bliss.
I needed a few dreams and I needed them quick
So I watched a few eps just to make sure they'd stick.
Then upstairs I went and climbed into bed
With hot visuals of Xena filling my head.
I then closed my eyes and what did I see?
Visions of the Princess and she was with me!
The dream that I had was just so darned clear.
I won't ever tell, read 'insert maintext here.'
I awoke to a neigh, a shout and a clatter
I got out of my bed to see what was the matter.
There on the roof was the warrior resplended
It was then that I knew I was quite demented
Feeling sure I was obsessed, my sanity gone
I swear I heard Xena cry "Battle On!"
As she jumped upon Argo and rode out of sight
She shouted 'Merry Christmas and have a Xena night!'

Copyright by ArdentTly
December 1998