Happily Addicted to XWP
By ArdentTly

Doorbell rings, I'm not listenin,
From my mouth, drool is glistenin
I'm happy altho New Xena eps are on hold
Happily addicted to XWP!

On my PC I'm a clickin
Unaware the clock is tickin,
There's new alt fic on net
The thought makes me wet
Happily addicted to XWP!

Friends come by and shake me, saying,
"Yo, man! There's a party at the club; we're gone!"
With a listless shrug, I mutter "Go, man!
There's a new ep tonight when Xena's on."

In my jammies I'm still attired
Email comes and I've been fired
Who cares if someday They cart me away?
I'm happily addicted to XWP!

Happ-ilyiyiyi, ad-dict-eeeed to XWP!!! (Battle On!)

Copyrighted by ArdentTly,
December 1998