The Debt
by ArdentTly

Gab and Xe and Argo make three
As they trudge across this land.
They try real hard, the warrior and bard
For goodness and right they stand.

Sometimes Xe feels lost, still tied to that cross
At the mercy of the Roman Elite.
But for the girl from away, she'd have died that day,
Twas a mercy for one filled with deceit.

As she watched M'Lila die, with a tear in her eye
Xe vowed she'd been reborn that night.
So she turned away from the light shown her that day
And grabbed the darkness with all of her might.

Xe went to Chin where she'd never been
And made Borias her man.
When he threw her out, with a shove and a clout
She became hunted and so she ran.

A woman there of great beauty and fair
Took Xena into her heart.
She gave her a bath and showed her a path
With goodness and love from the start.

Xe learned from Lao Ma that there's a greater law
Than the one that comes with a sword.
So she turned her back on Ares and his pack
And dethroned herself as Lord.

So with a debt to pay, Xe keeps darkness at bay
And tries so hard to atone.
With Gab by her side, it'll be quite a ride
Cos she'll never again be alone.