The Creation of Xe Amphipoli

Now Xena, you see was from Amphipoli
where the cotton blooms and blows.
Why she left her home in the south to roam
to conquer Greece, only Cortese knows.

She wasn't always so cold, but truth be told
Power always held her like a spell.
Though she'd often say in her warlordly way
She'd see Cortese in hell.

One very cold night, as we lay packed tight
in our furs around the fire.
Argo was fed and the stars o'erhead
Made Xe's eyes gleam like a saphire.

She turned to me, and Gab, says she,
'I'm a hero thanks to you, I guess
My warlord daze was fun, but I guess their done
You sure pulled me outta that mess.'

Gabs looks at her Xe, lookin wild and free
and puts a finger to her lip
'Now look here dear Xe, don't go soft on me!
Come close for a nice first kiss.'

Gabs said it so low that Xe couldn't say no;
then she says with a sort of moan:
'My heart was so cold and its only right to hold
these sins til I can fully atone.

I'll never be free', said Xe of Amphipoli
'Til I've paid for every wrong with right.
I want you to swear, that foul or fair
You'll still love me with all of your might.'

A lover's great need is a thing to heed,
So I swore I would not fail.
So we loved on and on, til the streak of dawn
My gods, the moon made her look pale!

Her breasts were so ripe, by the burning fire's light,
That I swear I could hardly think!
I loved her so well, every valley and dell
Of her passions deep did I drink.

When finally she lay, looking fresh as the day
And the morn finally began to start.
Her soul I did mend and the hatred did spend
Til what was left was a pure gold heart.

She made love to me, in a way that's just Xe
Both harshly and gentle and kind
On me she did sup, so I couldn't get up
And I thought surely I'd lost my mind.

Now when we're away, walking day to day
With each other the only company
I think back to that night, what a wonderful sight
It was when Xe first made love to me.

By ArdentTly