The Bitter and Suite of It

They stood there, those two, with nothing to do
But watch loved ones go up in flame.
While Gab needed to talk, Xe took her a walk
On the wild side, all burning with blame.

So Gabby went on, a true Amazon
To stay with Ephiny, her friend.
Gabby wanted to die, for Xena she'd cry
For the rest of her life til the end.

Then Xena came in, taking life on the chin
And dragged her poor Gabby around.
No one more shocked, her temper full cocked
Than the regent, her duty she found.

As Xe rode off by horse, not Argo of course
And headed on out to the sea;
She held Gabby high, reaching up to the sky
And 'Vengeance!', she shouted with glee.

Then Gabby awoke, and sure went for broke
Yelling she hated her Xe.
She took a full run, and both were undone
To Illusia they went through the sea.

Now Xe was all hurt, her heart filled with dirt
From burying her only son.
Took it out on the bard, love splintered to shards
She wanted the pain to be done.

But she'd have to wait, cos the Fates had a date
With a future consisting of Hope.
Both filled with such hate, each detesting their mate;
They were both at the ends of their rope.

When Xe finally faced Tien, the great lie from Chin
She saw what losing Gabby would mean.
So she poured out her heart, right from the start
And wiped both their slates nice 'n clean.

Now the season is over, and Dahok has drove her
Poor Gabby down to the abyss.
And no one will know, where the love of love goes
And how to get back to that kiss.

And as for Bitter Suite, lets have a repeat!
Let their loving show nothing amiss.
For Gab loves her Xe, its so easy to see
It's all in the lips they have kissed.

*Special thanks to my Beta Reader Tutor.