The Battle of OAAA

She stands there in leathers in all sorts of weather
Her sword and her chakram, too.
Her armour so fine, it's breast plate does shine
Her hair dark and eyes azure blue.

She stands 6 feet tall and its like hitting a wall
When you go head to head with her.
Better get in your shot, cos this warrior is hot
Her filps and moves are merely a blurr.

She's called Xe of Amphipolis, made her mark down in Tripolis
Stopping the Persians from Marathon.
Gabs took an arrow, Xe's win it was narrow
But soon had them all on the run.

The Persians were shocked, their advancement was blocked
One warrior? It just couldn't be.
Even cut up and bruised, they could see that they'd lose
'Go home, there are many more just like me.'

When they finally took off, she lay back in the loft
All bruised up but grinning with glee.
Seemed she beat their elite, with fists and with feet
And managed to save her Gabby.

Now the tale will be told of a warrior bold
The Destroyer of Nations is dead!
Now fighting for right with all of her might
The Warrior Princess is left in her stead!

With a cry of YIYIYI and a gleam in her eye
She'll fight til she's finally won
With she and Gabby, Greece will be free
And the shout will be 'Battle On!'

The end.

aka ArdentTly